Mini Bluetooth Label Printer Wireless Labeler, Updated Label maker: Portable label printer is compact and lightweight, weighing only 7.7 ounces. It includes a built-in manual cutter, allowing you to conveniently print labels on-the-go to meet your printing needs. It not only supports thermal and thermal transfer dual printing modes, but also prints color text. (To be used with color labels)Rechargeable & Save your Cost: The Label maker is rechargeable, eliminating the need to purchase and replace batteries while also avoiding the hassle of ink, toner, or ribbon. Label maker is your cost-saving and eco-friendly choice.Multiple Label Types to Choose: More than 50 kinds of colored label tapes and 4 different materials, thermal labels for economical batch printing, long-lasting clear thermal transfer labels, and more playful hot stamping labels and ribbon labels.Use various tapes to printing anything you want!Technical and Easy Printing: All-in-One “Print Master”App with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily edit and preview your label designs using your smartphone’s keyboard.12 languages to be selected, 1096 symbols, 62 frames and 3 text size options. One-click use: hundreds of icons, and many pre-made templates for commercial and home use.Say goodbye to manual labeling and streamline your organizational efforts with ease.Organize with confidence: The mini thermal label printer is versatile and creative, making it easy to create stickers and use them anywhere – home storage, kitchen organization, decorating gifts, labeling clothes, office sorting, small business retail.